Dedicated to ending the stigma towards dementia

Behind People of Dementia is a dedicated team of physicians and researchers whose ambition is to provide a voice and empowerment to a marginalized group of persons in society, and those who support them. We aim to reduce stigma and raise awareness for dementia, a disease with rising care costs, and to educate the public by providing accurate, up-to-date scientific information and statistics that accompany our stories.

Throughout the summer of 2017, we will continue to release stories. Follow us on social media to get notifications when a new story is published! Links are available at the bottom of the page.

There are 564,000 Canadians currently living with dementia; this number will rise to nearly a million by 2031.

By providing a voice to those who live with dementia and their support network, we believe we can provide a compassionate platform for our readers to learn more about the successes and challenges associated with this disease.

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